Welcome to my website

I’m a teacher, an author, a presenter, an editor, a writer and an artist. Please see my CV list of projects and testimonials.

To arrange a free 30-minute consultation with me, please e-mail me at debdoyle.com.au or phone me on +61 401 028 926 (0401 028 926 in Australia).


Training in foundational grammar and copy editing

I provide short courses in grammar and punctuation, editing, and report writing. I strive to make my courses entertaining and interactive, and participants evaluate them positively.

I also offer one-on-one tuition that can be generic and/or customised.

Course notes

The following five sets of course notes are available for purchase via my website shop:

‘Grammar and Punctuation: The basics’
‘The Parts of Speech: Nouns, verbs and the other seven’
‘All Your Sentences Sorted: Simple, compound and complex’
‘Perfect Punctuation: Commas, colons and co.’
‘Writing Effective Paragraphs: What you need to know’

The cost of a printout of any set of course notes, secured in a plastic wallet, is $55, which includes $45 for the notes and $10 for shipping within Australia.

The cost of a PDF of any set of course notes is $35.

The text-workbook Grey Areas and Gremlins: A grammar and punctuation refresher

I’ve been self-publishing this book and its supplementary handouts since 2003.

The cost of the printed book and its 10 accompanying handouts is $55 (no GST), including shipping within Australia.

The cost of the PDF version and handouts is $35.

View and order HERE.


Listen to my second Radio 2GB interview (‘Back to basics’) on this home page and the blog page, and listen to the first interview (‘Apostrophes across the airwaves’) on the blog page. Both interviews were with the presenter Deborah Knight on her popular program Afternoons with Deborah Knight.

A 45-minute video of my presentation entitled ‘Two big gremlins: personification and the comma splice’, which I delivered to members of the Australian Society for Technical Communication (ASTC) at the society’s annual conference in 2022, is viewable on this home page. 

Book and publication editing

Since 1989, my editorial services have included copy editing, structural editing, preparing editorial reviews, rewriting, converting text to plain English, creating editorial stylesheets and style guides, and proofreading.

I collaborate with a range of companies, government departments, business entities and self-publishing authors to produce the best-possible product. Whatever the project, my imperative is editorial excellence.

Writing and copy writing

Publications I’ve written columns or articles for include Government News, Newswrite and Vegan Voice.

Draw On

For many years, I’ve been creating black and white line drawings and cartoons as well as colourful illustrations and posters. View and order my ‘Give pigs a chance’ poster HERE.

A collection of my artwork, articles, ephemera and music products is housed at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (the Powerhouse Museum), in Sydney. View HERE.