‘Writing Effective Paragraphs: What you need to know’ course notes – PDF


Use any or all of these sets of course notes as a standalone resource or a supplement to my Grey Areas and Gremlins text-workbook.

‘Writing Effective Paragraphs’ – PDF: Study the theory; discover helpful hints; write and edit a three-, four- and five-sentence paragraph; and compose a bulleted list, using formal or informal English, jargon, or slang. Learn the basics of traditional grammar, the six types of sentence, the three ways to set up a bulleted list (dot points) and the importance of correct punctuation. Whether our paragraphs are for a report, an e-mail or a blog, they must have three things: unity, coherence and development, so our readers keep turning the page or scrolling. All you’ll need is this 50-page printout of the course notes (plastic wallet included), along with a black pen and a blue pen for completing the 11 exercises. The notes include sample answers for the exercises.