Personal interests

Animal rights

Since childhood, I’ve accepted the overwhelming evidence of animal sentience. I was a vegetarian for many years and have been an ethical vegan since 2003. I’m a long-time member of Animal Liberation, and I’ve been a member of the Animal Justice Party since its inception in 2009. In October 2018, I was the party’s candidate for the seat of Wentworth in the federal by-election, and in March 2019, I was the party’s candidate for the seat of Vaucluse in the NSW state election.


I’ve loved drawing and painting ever since childhood. I was awarded a Level 1 in Art for the HSC; studied Fine Arts at the University of Sydney for two years as part of an Arts–Law degree; created many pieces of artwork while working as the assistant to the activities officer at the University of Sydney Union, between 1977 and 1982; supplemented my Activities Office income by producing leaflets and posters for rock-music promoters, between 1977 and 1982; continued freelancing as an artist while living and working in Melbourne and raising my family, between 1986 and 2003; created and started selling my ‘Give pigs a chance’ poster in 2015; and started attending various art classes at the Waverley–Woollahra Art School in 2019.


I’ve been studying astrology ever since childhood as well. I’m especially interested in Western and Chinese astrology but also the astrology of all the world’s cultures. My sun sign is Capricorn, my moon sign is Aries and my rising sign is Leo.


Ever since The Beatles came to Sydney in June 1964, when I was nine and a half years old (going on 12!), I’ve found joy in listening to the best pop-rock songs, learning about who composed them, and reading biographies of rock musicians and songwriters.

In 1979, I formed the pop-rock group The Proteens. I sang in the group, and we performed a combination of original songs and cover versions throughout Sydney, in 1980 and ’81.

In 1983, I co-formed the pop-rock group Café Society. I sang in the group, and we performed all-original songs throughout Sydney, between 1983 and 1985.

The demonstration tapes that both groups recorded are included in The Deb Doyle Music Archive at the Powerhouse Museum.

For the courses I teach, I use my knowledge and appreciation of favourite 1960s pop-rock songs to create explanatory handouts in which I colour-code the various elements of grammar and punctuation to help the students understand and remember the concepts.