Colour-coded course notes now available

Hi, everyone.

Course notes now available for purchase

I’m very pleased to announce the availability of printouts and PDFs of the following five sets of course notes, via my website shop or me directly:

‘Grammar and Punctuation: The basics’

‘The Parts of Speech: Nouns, verbs and the other seven’

‘All Your Sentences Sorted: Simple, compound and complex’

‘Perfect Punctuation: Commas, colons and co.’

‘Writing Effective Paragraphs: What you need to know’

The price of each printout is $45, and the cost of shipping one or two copies by courier or ordinary mail in Australia is $10; total cost $55. Each printout is secured in a plastic wallet.

The price of each PDF is $35.

When you’re in the website shop, you can view the two-page agenda for any or all of the five sets of course notes so you can decide whether the content and scope are what you’re after.

Grey Areas and Gremlins

You’ll be able to use any or all of the sets of course notes as a standalone resource or a supplement to my text-workbook Grey Areas and Gremlins: A grammar and punctuation refresher, which you can also purchase via the website shop. The price of each printed text-workbook is $45, and the cost of shipping one or two copies by courier or ordinary mail in Australia is now $10; total cost $55. 

If you’d like to purchase a printout or PDF of any of the sets of course notes or Grey Areas and Gremlins from me directly rather than via the website shop, please e-mail me at and let me know which product/s you’d like, as well as your address (for couriering or postage), your mobile-phone number and your e-mail address. I’ll then e-mail you an itemised invoice and either courier or mail the product/s to you; please confirm which delivery method you prefer.

I’ll be happy to first e-mail you the two-page agenda for any or all of the sets of course notes.

Course delivery

I teach these five courses both publicly and privately, and I can deliver them either in person or via Zoom (one on one or in a group). A face-to-face course takes about seven hours to get through, because I include breaks for morning tea, lunch and/or afternoon tea. 

Bringing it all together

I’ve been self-publishing the Grey Areas and Gremlins text-workbook since 2003 and noting that some course participants have said they’d like to do a course or have a set of course notes that included more detail than the Gremlins text-workbook contains or I incorporate in A Course in Grammar and Punctuation Fundamentals or A Course in Advanced Grammar and Editing, both of which I teach at Sydney Uni’s Centre for Continuing Education (the CCE), or Grammar and Punctuation Essentials or Editing Essentials, both of which, up to 2020, I was teaching at the Australian Writers’ Centre (in Sydney). I’ve enjoyed developing the course notes for ‘Grammar and Punctuation: The basics’, ‘The Parts of Speech’, ‘All Your Sentences Sorted’, ‘Perfect Punctuation’ and ‘Writing Effective Paragraphs’, in all of which I’ve reproduced or amended some of the Gremlins content and incorporated new excerpts and the lyrics of new songs in order to maximise your learning via my colour-coding system. I hope you like working with coloured pencils!

Get in touch

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about my products or services and how we might be able to collaborate to improve your written English.

Best wishes from Deb


I'm an editorial-training consultant, a book editor, an illustrator and the author of 'Grey Areas and Gremlins: A grammar and punctuation refresher'. I teach grammar and editing skills to a wide range of groups and individuals, both publicly and privately. I'm able to deliver the training via Zoom, Skype, e-mail and/or phone.