Welcome to my website

I’m a teacher, an editor, an author, a presenter, a writer and an artist. Please see my CV, list of projects and testimonials.

I offer an array of services:

Editorial Training Services: I regularly teach short courses in grammar and editing. I strive to make my courses entertaining and interactive, and evaluations of them are overwhelmingly positive.

I also offer one-on-one tuition and deliver presentations to writers’ and editors’ groups.

I’m the author of Grey Areas and Gremlins: A grammar and punctuation refresher. The cost of the printed book and its 10 accompanying handouts is $55 (no GST), including shipping within Australia, and the cost of the PDF version and handouts is $35. View and order HERE.

Course notes:  The following five sets of course notes are now available for purchase via my website shop:

‘Grammar and Punctuation: The basics’

‘The Parts of Speech: Nouns, verbs and the other seven’

‘All Your Sentences Sorted: Simple, compound and complex’

‘Perfect Punctuation: Commas, colons and co.’

‘Writing Effective Paragraphs: What you need to know’

The cost of a printout of any set of course notes, secured in a plastic wallet, is $55, which includes $45 for the notes and $10 for shipping within Australia.

The cost of a PDF of any set of course notes is $35.

Living Proof – Book Editing: I’ve been a self-employed editor since 1989, and my services include copy editing, structural editing, preparing editorial reviews, rewriting, converting text to plain English, and proofreading.

I collaborate with a range of companies, government departments, business entities and self-publishing authors in order to produce the best-possible product. Whatever the project, my imperative is editorial excellence.

If you need a top graphic designer as well as a top editor, look no further than my colleague Tracy-lee Adams of justsayah.com.au. Tracy designed this stunning website, and we’ve been collaborating to produce a variety of fiction and non-fiction books since 2008. Having your editor and visuals expert working closely and efficiently together, you’ll save both time and money. 

Writing and copy writing: I apply my wordsmithing skills to many types of publication. Clients have included Government News, Newswrite, Vegan Voice and Concise Writing Consultancy.

Draw On: I’m a long-time working artist who creates black and white line drawings and cartoons as well as colourful illustrations and posters. View and order my ‘Give pigs a chance’ poster HERE.

A collection of my artwork, articles, ephemera and music products is housed at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (the Powerhouse Museum), in Sydney. View HERE.